Kiverdi Selected for NASA LAUNCH Accelerator; Transforms Waste Carbon into High-value Chemicals

SpecialChem - November 23rd, 2012
BERKELEY, CA -- Kiverdi, Inc., a privately held next-generation sustainable oil and chemicals company, was selected as a 2012 LAUNCH: Beyond Waste Innovator supported by LAUNCH, a project founded by NASA, USAID, the U.S. Department of State, and Nike. Kiverdi’s CEO Lisa Dyson, Ph.D. gave the company presentation at the LAUNCH: Beyond Waste Forum held on July 20-22 at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. As a part of the LAUNCH Accelerator, Kiverdi is currently working directly with LAUNCH to execute on an action plan developed in conjunction with LAUNCH Council Members. The Office of Naval Research, Vestergaard Frandsen, IDEO, and Architecture for Humanity are partners for LAUNCH: Beyond Waste.

Kiverdi’s proprietary Carbon Engineering Platform transforms waste carbon from industrial flue gases or gasified waste into low cost, high-value oils and chemicals. The goal of the LAUNCH: Beyond Waste Challenge was to identify a select number of “game changing” innovations aimed at reducing waste and/or transforming waste into new products. The LAUNCH: Beyond Waste Challenge solicited proposals from around the world for innovative designs for zero waste solutions, waste elimination, waste transformation, and waste mitigation technologies, as well as strategies for waste reduction efforts. Thousands of applications were submitted. Kiverdi was one of nine Innovators selected.

Each year 134M tons of landfill, 170M tons of agricultural waste and 60M tons of forest waste is generated in the United States. Kiverdi addresses the growing problem of waste management while simultaneously addressing the price volatility of chemicals by transforming carbon-rich waste into sustainable oils and oil-derived chemicals needed for surfactants, plastics and fuel.

Kiverdi is addressing the growing demand for cost-competitive, sustainably sourced products that have a low-carbon footprint and that do not compete with food. Kiverdi’s proprietary biochemical platform technology is able to produce oils and chemicals that can be used in everyday products, such as laundry detergent and hand soap, with the added benefit of providing a solution to critical waste management issues.

“Kiverdi is one of the nine innovator organizations who will go on from LAUNCH: Beyond Waste to participate in the LAUNCH Accelerator. Kiverdi’s innovation is considered to be transformative due to its potential for turning a wasted resource into an asset for society,” said Diane Powell, NASA LAUNCH Program Manager‬.

“We are honored to have been selected as a Beyond Waste Challenge Innovator,” said Dr. Dyson. “From the beginning, we set out to develop high-value chemicals using an abundant and sustainable feedstock – carbon waste. To be singled out by LAUNCH is significant validation of our approach. Working with LAUNCH and partner organizations as a part of the Accelerator has been of significant value to Kiverdi.”

About Kiverdi

Kiverdi is a privately held, advanced sustainable oil and chemicals company commercializing disruptive, drop-in replacements to oleochemicals and petrochemicals. Kiverdi has developed a proprietary bioprocessing platform that converts low-cost waste carbon into high-value chemicals. Kiverdi is focusing its initial commercialization efforts on the $24 billon global surfactant market. Kiverdi's technology also makes chemicals that can be used in biomaterials or as additives in fuel. Kiverdi's Carbon Engineering Platform is the cornerstone of the company's innovative strategy. Kiverdi's proprietary microbes are rich oil producers and able to recycle carbon from industrial flue gases or gasified carbon waste into a diverse range of chemicals at a fraction of the cost of current and emerging technologies. Founded in 2008, Kiverdi is the recipient of a grant from the California Energy Commission’s Research Demonstration and Development program for its efforts to develop beneficial uses of carbon dioxide (CO2).


NASA, USAID, Department of State, and Nike joined together to form LAUNCH in an effort to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to global challenges through a series of forums. LAUNCH searches for visionaries, whose world-class ideas, technologies or programs show great promise for making tangible impacts on society. LAUNCH is a global initiative to identify and support the innovative work poised to contribute to a sustainable future and accelerate solutions to meet urgent challenges facing our society. The LAUNCH Accelerator provides individual support to each innovator to help integrate LAUNCH forum recommendations, and move each innovation closer to successful implementation. The Office of Naval Research, Vestergaard Frandsen, IDEO, and Architecture for Humanity are partners for LAUNCH: Beyond Waste.
Source: Kiverdi
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